London based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Lucky Bamba was born and raised in Argentina.

Soulful, joyful and romanticized are the best adjectives to describe his music.  Blending different styles such as R&B, Jazz and Soft Rock, Lucky Bamba aims to create an authentic artistic identity.  His smooth but defined vocals, combined with his jazzy guitar sound are Lucky Bamba’s best allies to portray his musical soul and connect with his audience’s emotions.

At the early age of 6 he started playing piano and that was the kickstart for his love and passion for music. As years went by, he began to sing and play other instruments such as guitar, bass guitar and drums.

After finishing high school, he attended university in Argentina and graduated as an Industrial Engineer.  After working for a year in corporate banking, he decided to swerve the direction of his life, quitting his daytime job and finding his real identity in life inside the music.

In 2015 he attended a summer program at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA and officially launched his path as a singer-songwriter.

Throughout his career, Lucky Bamba has played many different roles inside the music scene, going from touring in Europe with jazz group Noflag, to performing both in Buenos Aires and Europe for his solo project as a singer/songwriter.

Based in London since 2018, Lucky Bamba began working on his upcoming collection of singles, which will start being released from November 2019 onwards.  Working side by side with big names such as legendary producer Chris Kimsey (Rolling Stones), Lucky Bamba aspires to leave his definitive mark on the UK and international music scenes.